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Cookies vs. Onions
By: Janet Kalandranis
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That’s right, it’s a little food talk wrapped up in some marketing know-how. There are so many lessons out there of what not to do, which brands not to follow, that sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint when something is right. Luckily, there are two brands that are above all that, rocking what they do in social media and making it look oh-so-simple. Once a brand figures out its little rhythm, it's almost as if the work does itself. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Oreo has been a topic in the social media world before. A brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is willing to use this medium exactly the way it was intended. Less than a week ago, the brand took advantage of life and tweeted during the Super Bowl blackout, “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” Now, that’s a brand that understands the purpose of social media and uses it as any great brand should. Oreo is open, honest, and most importantly a whole lot of fun. Not taking the brand too seriously nor over-thinking its tweets.

And what could make Oreo more liked in the social media world? Well, if another brand joined in, of course. Like two friends joking, making fun of each other, and just living life. Playing off Oreo’s current Twitter promotion, Outback Steakhouse threw the line and the cookie brand took a bite. Oreo is asking all of its followers to tag Instagram photos that the Oreo team will recreate in its famous vanilla cream. So Outback played along and had a little brand-on-brand fun asking Oreo to recreate its famous Bloomin’ Onion. And guess what? Oreo did exactly what it was doing for its other followers; the brand created a nice replica of a Bloomin’ Onion out of Oreo cream.

Oreo just gets social media. The brand plays the game just like any consumer, making it feel light, natural, and always fun. Oreo is quick to react, clearly responds to its tweets, and has no shame in having a little fun with other brand friends. It seems that any brand looking for an example of how to do social media right should tag along with Oreo. If nothing else, there’ll always be a good laugh and possibly a mention of the famous “dunk.”

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