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Don’t Follow the Rules, but Still Play Nice
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Pepsi never follows the rules. The brand should get a time-out for the rules' sake. But actually, it’s loved that this brand can change the game even more so than any other brand. Even during the Super Bowl, when every brand is changing the rules, Pepsi finds a way to go above and beyond. Applause for this brand; the one that doesn’t listen, takes a challenge to heart, and really appreciates every facet of this big game.

Yesterday morning (yes, Super Bowl Sunday) Pepsi Next woke up early, put on its game face, and played the field. The brand released a video via YouTube and BuzzFeed ads as a pre-game. This was a little taste of what was set to come later in the day once the players took the field. Pepsi Next’s little video was another play in the Funny or Die campaign that the brand has been delivering since March. That’s right — March. The Super Bowl is in February. That’s almost a year. Way to take the rules and smash them down, Pepsi. Smart play.

But Pepsi Next has a game plan and one that is not short of exposure. The brand has been practicing for the big day with pre-promotion, video sneak peeks, and a whole bunch of social media interaction. If nothing else, the brand wins for a well-thought out game plan and really being on that offensive line. Pepsi Next also launched a Pinterest contest on Facebook and the big Super Bowl spot will push viewers to visit its webpage to receive a bottle of soda. The idea here is connected plays. There isn’t one play that wins the game, but instead a string of smart moves that proves a brand is the winner. Pepsi Next, you practice strong, play hard, and will definitely not go unnoticed.

The game doesn’t end after today. Pepsi Next has set itself up to take this campaign anywhere it wants to go. Digital, broadcast, creative marketing. The Super Bowl isn’t the culmination of the this campaign, but rather a starting point to grow this product line. Nice game play, Pepsi Next.

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