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It’s Game Day: Wear Clean Underwear
By: Janet Kalandranis
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This time next week, the talk of Super Bowl ads will be dwindling. Luckily, there’s still a bit more time to see which brands will be appearing during the big game.

Underwear. That’s right, two brands will be focusing on underwear during the big game. It definitely will get some attention and hopefully provide some success for these brands, because when there’s talk of underwear it seems fitting that everyone would listen.

It’s exciting when brands appear during the Super Bowl for the first time. It’s something new for viewers to engage in and hopefully throws a nice surprise into the expected car and beer spots. That’s why Calvin Klein and Colgate-Palmolive came to the party, and they're both using underwear as a hook. It makes sense for CK as consumers are used to seeing those big billboards and magazine ads that boast beautiful (almost too beautiful) models in their underwear. This is simply a new stage for the brand. CK will introduce its Concept men’s underwear, and what better stage to do it than the Super Bowl? Most every male will be watching, so talk about a dedicated audience that, yes, wears underwear. And CK is using this opportunity to make it bigger than the 30-second spot with an in-game initiative through the new Vine video-sharing app. It’s a little expected combined with something new in a famous venue.

Then there is Colgate-Palmolive putting its Speed Stick brand on the field for the big game. The brand did something a little more creative than simply brainstorming in a board room. Speed Stick reached out to its social media followers and asked them to submit an idea for a new spot in its “Handle It” campaign. So technically, this spot was dreamt up by a customer; the brand “simply” executed it for the big day. Not a bad idea because, here it is, days out from the Super Bowl and the spot is getting a lot of coverage. It’s not only the 30-second piece of creative but also the way Speed Stick used its followers to come up with an idea — and this one includes underwear.

So expect not one but two spots focusing on the ever-needed, rarely discussed product. It’s a great hook for a captive audience that just might need a break from beer and cars.

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