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Create a Brand Campaign Big Enough for the Super Bowl Field
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are still three more days until Super Bowl Sunday, and don’t worry, there’s lots more Super Bowl brand talk until then. If a brand is lucky enough to have a spot, the next task is creating something big enough for Super Bowl Sunday. Something that plays alongside what other brands are doing, yet is distinct enough to get noticed. It’s one part science and a whole lotta parts creative. So what should brands consider when creating their masterpiece? Some popular game-day trends, of course.

Make it Long: Yes, longer than the norm, because those are the ads that people talk about long after the game is over. Instead of thinking that viewers only have 30 seconds of attention, go beyond that. If dollars are available, of course; these ad spots costs a pretty little penny. But if a brand has the creativity and the funds, this is the time to entertain for more than 30 seconds. Viewers will be watching, intently.

Tease, Tease, Tease: Not hair, but the commercial. Game-day ads are no longer saved for game day. It’s more about the complete campaign. One that includes teasers and previews of the spots on social media channels. It’s not only expected pre-game day, but it’s also at a benefit to the brand. Offer a teaser and get viewers interested before the spot airs in full on Super Bowl Sunday.

Be Funny: If a brand wants to do funny, this is the time to do it. There will be a diverse audience that is gathered around the game on a big screen, so bring the humor. It’s not a time to be serious, but instead a time to go beyond expectations and any boundaries that may have already been set. The funnier the better, especially if a favorite team isn’t winning.

It’s More than Just TV: That’s right. Today’s viewer probably has more than one screen going during the game. It could be a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, and these shouldn’t be forgotten when creating a Super Bowl campaign. It could include a voting component during the game or maybe a hashtag for some customer interaction. Whatever the strategy, just make sure the Super Bowl is not only game day for the athletes but for brands as well.

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