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The Release Before the Big Game
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The Super Bowl hasn’t happened yet, but viewers don’t have to wait to get a sneak peek of the ads. Think back even five years ago and anyone can remember a much different landscape; one where the ads were still secret to the public and social media wasn’t truly playing an integral part in the pre-release strategy. Fast forward to today and the game plan for game-day ads is much different. Brands want that pre-release talk and they want it to come organically from social media, talk shows, and even at the water cooler.

Super Bowl ad talk used to begin during the big game and continue for the week ahead. But that is no longer the case in 2013. The releases are planned prior to the game so excitement can build and experts can pre-promote their top picks. It’s not only about the game-day showing, but also about how the spots are launched to the public. These ads have taken on a new life, have become a bit more fun, and have garnered more attention than in years past. Brands are planning these launches just like they might plan a new marketing initiative or a product release.

And what are the tools being used? Social media, blogs, and even the “ad” experts. The more buzz the brand can create prior to the big day, the better chance they have to keep these people engaged. This can include multiple channels — think Facebook and maybe a blog article — but whatever the plan, the goal is to create buzz. To use the game and the most-talked about ads as a platform to make a statement. It’s no longer just about those two halves of game play, but instead the weeks prior where brand messages are revealed. So the question is, can the ads live up to all that pre-game hype that’s been created? That can only be determined after the whistle blows and game day comes to a close.

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