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The Super Bowl Isn't About Football
By: Janet Kalandranis
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That’s right; the biggest football game of the year isn’t even about the game itself. Sure, the teams compete to get there, everyone’s bringing their best talent, and fans are ready to watch, but these viewers want more. Many of them look at the Super Bowl as a time to see the best of the best — and they aren’t talking about athletes. Fans expect to see the most creative TV spots of the year during this famous game. So just as the players practice all year to be on that field, brands must do the same if they want to be a highlight. The fans are watching, after all.

According to a not-so-perfect study (that’s a study you take with a grain of salt) U.S. adults prefer to watch the big-game commercials over the actual game itself. Although this may not be the most perfect study, it does have some truth to it: viewers are there for more than football and they expect brands to deliver. This is the one time of year they want brands to spend those dollars, create a masterpiece, and show it in a TV spot. They are asking to be wowed and will religiously watch to see the top contenders.

So, as a brand, that $3.8 million for a 30-second spot comes with a hefty challenge. Yes, there will be a more dedicated audience and a high number of viewers, but in order to get them to return, a brand has to surprise. This is the only program where viewers want to see an ad that keeps them thinking, keeps them laughing, and most importantly keeps them talking. Because come Monday, people will gather around that water cooler (with sleepy eyes) and the only brands that will be discussed are those that took it one step further. Brands that truly went above and beyond to surprise the audience during the game are the ones that will get the praise. Viewers hope that brands will take a chance, pay attention to the rules (then throw them out), and keep them entertained during a game that means more than just football.

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