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Everyone Needs a Reminder
By: Janet Kalandranis
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For brands there’s always a focus on innovating, changing, and staying arm-in-arm with the competition. But many times a brand’s idea is already where it should be and the focus should be more on messaging. A campaign that convinces, one that reminds, and messages that explain what the brand is and why it chose to be that way. Sometimes it’s not about change, but about continuously standing behind what a brand has created and strengthening that through exposure.

State Farm is a 90-year old brand. And it’s going through some change. No, not about a new product, a new way of doing business, or a new message. Instead State Farm is re-planting its roots and explaining to customers why its agent process is still the best option. State Farm didn’t want to be the quiet reliable brand anymore (well, it still wanted to be reliable, just not quiet). So the brand took on a new initiative; one where the brand talks a lot, is everywhere, and convinces customers that it is the insurance company they need.

It’s important that brands don’t just change because that’s new and something to talk about. Brands need to really look at their process, their mission, and their business and identify if they have something worth talking about. If the answer is yes, then start talking. Because as much as customers are hearing and seeing, they may not be understanding. And that’s the key for a brand to be successful — for customers to understand the benefit, play with the brand and pass on that knowledge. So it’s not "less talk" but the right amount to make sure the message is clear and understood.

There’s also benefit to updating a message. There are new customers, new reasons to explain, and additional info to relay. It’s not always about making a core competency change, but sometimes just the execution of the message that needs to be refreshed. This is how one 90-year-old brand is staying competitive in the years to come.

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