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Don’t Beg People to be Friends
By: Janet Kalandranis
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The Facebook news is good for brands folks. The data is positive; people are jumping on the bandwagon and connecting with brands they love. It’s a whole lot of brand excitement. And for those brands that think social media can’t help, that it’s just an added extra, are those brands that won’t be receiving the praise of customers. But it’s not just about a “like.” It’s also about what brands need to do in the Facebook space to make sure these interactions create positive effects for the business.

There is some good news: The average consumer has 29 brand friends. Pretty cool, right? But that doesn’t mean it’s an automatic win. The data still shows that even though customers are “liking” brands they aren’t consistently interacting with these brands on Facebook. So gaining a like is a good measure for brands, but it’s still important for brands to understand what to do with a “like.” It’s the conversation of converting from a like to an action.

So what’s the problem with brands' current strategies on Facebook? Oh, so much! Customers are smart, so brands must remember that. Offering a deal or a giveaway just to gain a like is a single action and customers get that. They will click that “like” button to participate, but from that point on they really don’t feel that brands take the right steps to interact. If customers understand this, brands need to react and build a plan that continuously connects with these customers on Facebook. They want authentic, they want interaction, and they want brands to reach out to them. So forget simply reporting out the number of “likes” each month, because Facebook is much more than that.  

Years ago brands had to understand the email thing and now it’s time to do the same with social media. There will be trial and error, there will be hesitation, and there will be mistakes. But the important thing is that brands try and that they plan. Because a brand that stays strong, interacts with its customers, and really tries to make Facebook work for it will definitely see a benefit in the end.

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