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Be Serious, But Not Too Serious
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands today can, no, are expected, to have a personality. One that shines through and lets customers truly understand the brand's emotions. This can be a tough thing for many brands to accomplish as many take it too far and many more don’t embrace it quite enough. Even brands that show personality and have emotion need to be serious at times. There are investors involved, customers that want to understand numbers, and ultimately a business to run. It’s important that brands be both strategic and real, but not too much of either.

The yearly numbers. The dreaded excel sheets and the year-over-year comparison. It’s normally hidden in a PDF on a brand’s site in case anyone might happen upon them or actually need them, but this is where brands fall short; where they forget who they are and they ultimately revert back to producing numbers and getting a task done. Luckily, Warby Parker is a little cooler than that. This brand is nothing less than unique and has created a distinct brand personality that is seen in the day-to-day, in its products, and definitely on its site. The brand remembered all of its hard work when releasing its annual report. It wasn’t hidden in an unreadable document, but instead Warby Parker created an infographic. One that matches the brand’s personality, one that tells the numbers, and one that is perfectly serious and playful all at the same time.

It’s important for brands to do business things like financial reports and press conferences and operational announcements, but it’s also important for brands to do these on their own terms, in their own way, and to represent the brand always. Because a brand that is full of personality one minute and then turns around and forgets that the next minute doesn’t feel real; that brand is fake (at least in a customer’s mind). This isn’t to say that brands shouldn’t be serious at times and delve into the details, but the delivery of information, the look and feel, can all be personal and real and a just a little unique like the brand. So be creative, be individualistic, and don’t be too serious.

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