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Detangling Data, for Brands: Take 2
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Data is a big topic, so big that one day on the topic doesn’t do it justice. It’s also an important topic; one that brands need to listen to, fully understand, and wholeheartedly implement. A brand without data is not a brand that will see success and not a brand that will be able to grow year after year. And that is why it’s more data talk today.

Fly Among the Clouds: Many brands steer away from those shared cloud-based systems. Fear sets in and change is scary. But the truth is that utilizing these types of technology advances allows a brand’s IT department to save money and be more flexible. Isn’t that what every brand is hoping to achieve?

Be Able to Capture ALL Data: It used to be that brands were collecting mostly financial and sales data, but today the landscape is much more advanced. Brands need to be able to access, capture, store, and analyze all sorts of data, from social media to conversions to images and even location information. Each group in the business is going to want something different and a brand needs to make sure it’s able to deliver. It’s a lot of data, but all for good.

Mixing is Accepted: Because brands will be capturing various types of data, it’s important that there is a platform that mixes both data warehouses and operational data together. This little tidbit will help brands simplify the reporting and analysis step of the data, which really is the end goal of all of this data talk. Instead of having multiple platforms, this one consolidated tool will streamline costs and also the work included to get the brand where it wants to go.

Data all the Time: Brands that need data and use it consistently for success also need it to be available 24/7. That means every minute of every day, and there are solutions available for a brand to have access continuously without worries about load time or a communication lag between two systems. So although there are easier options and maybe less costly solutions, it’s important for the brand to understand the benefits of these new data conversations. After all, if data brings success, then a brand needs to make this aspect of the business a priority.

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