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Detangling Data, for Brands: Take 1
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s not a new conversation, but more one that can be overly confusing and quite time consuming. And if brands don’t know what to do, where to turn, how to get it done? It’s all just a bunch of data not helping the brand succeed. The topic of data started with “get as much as possible” and has simply evolved to “make sure it’s usable.” The brand that has the most data isn’t the winner, but those that can use it to learn and change and grow will be those that win. But with so much to talk about data, where should brands start?

Data Should Perform: It should have a show all choreographed and be ready to perform for various different audiences. With the amount of data a brand has, it needs to be able to influence all parts of the business. A brand’s data should be accessible to multiple groups and displayed for each to quickly grasp the information they need. If data is tied up, being calculated, and ultimately tedious, the results take too long to implement. Then the question becomes what the data did for the brand, and was the time, money, and effort really worth it? Get data, but make it perform.

Real Time or No Time: Brands don’t have a minute to spare, let alone a couple of weeks for real-time data to be available. The ability for data to be real-time allows brands to gain insight into right now, not last quarter and not last year. This data is what separates those brands that can be relevant, timely, and flexible enough to influence the business and create future success. No brand wants to live in the past. They want the ability to change the future — and for the better.

Modern, Modern, Modern: If a brand wants to play with the big boys it has to be suited up for the game. (Please feel free to use that quote daily!) With a whole new landscape for data, brands can’t expect that old infrastructure and legacy systems are going to get them to success. It’s important for brands to have technology and systems that can hold this new modern level of data, store it properly, manipulate it correctly, and ultimately be a saving grace for the business. Data that is a stress on the brand isn’t going to provide a lot of help for success in the future. In the game of data, it’s all about providing for the business and growing with this knowledge.

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