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Giving Customers a Seat at the Table
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Making web analytics public. No, like really public. Like allowing people to be on the journey of a site and readily view graphs that display the analytics of what is happening. It’s the sheer idea of being transparent while also teaching what this whole data thing is about and, more importantly, how this digital data drives business...and have it all happen real time. That’s the vision, but do all brands buy it?

Some brands may have just gone down in cardiac shock with the idea of sharing real-time analytics with anyone. Well, at least with anyone that happens to be on their site. But it makes sense for some brands, because this information is crucial and it can teach. Sites that are able to show positive results might ultimately be the ones that talk, but it’s imperative that brands use this information to grow digital media. Brands need to be responsible for that little online property that is now less of a creative asset and more of a business strategy, and making these metrics public allows the entire brand to understand where it stands and puts a spotlight right on that digital media function.

This might be a shock, but just think back to when the idea of having customers comment was thought to be crazy. This is simply the next step in involving those that are interested and making the customer part of the full brand experience. Imagine the good that they could see — most popular pages, interesting articles, and even how many other fellow brand followers exist. That seems to be a brand win. Of course, that’s all if the metrics are good. What if it’s opposite? What does the brand gain? Or do they simply have the benefit of knowing these are public and therefore work twice as hard to make those metrics shine?

There’s no telling what the next five years in digital will bring, but it’s important to understand the options available. And although some aspects work for one brand, that doesn't mean it’s the correct choice for all. Remember when brands thought social media outlets would run themselves? No one is looking for a repeat of that. But if a brand is looking to involve the customer more, make them part of this journey. There is no better way than having them feel like they are at the board meeting whenever they have the time to check the metrics. It’s an interesting brand thought.

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