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Legos Talk
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s a childhood memory for adults and still a childhood favorite of those still in elementary school. This legacy brand is one that has been around for generations and luckily was smart enough to modernize with the times. But only in certain aspects. Because the products are still pretty intricate, still connect as they used to and still provide hours of entertainment for certain inquisitive minds. The brand however, has stayed on top of what’s needed to succeed in today’s world and has made modern customer service a priority.

Many brands, although consistent with customer service, don’t always provide that one-to-one communication. The situation where a customer feels they are really being understood and a question or concern is being answered. Many times it’s more of a pre-planned answer that doesn’t allow the customer to feel overly excited or pleased with the situation. And then time moves on. Luckily, Lego has a different approach. One that is real, one that is custom and one that has been demonstrated multiple times.

Lego showcased its one-to-one customer service recently to a 7-year old. Via Email. From a Ninjago Master. Yes that is all real. Because Lego understands that the little things go a long way – maybe that’s how the brand is still seeing success in a new century and a new decade. A little boy spent all his money on a Lego set, then by his own fault (admittedly) lost one of the ninja figures. So he wrote an email, explaining it was lost and that it was his fault. And Lego wrote back, after the brand consulted with the Ninjago Master of course. The brand sent him a new ninja figure, asked him to listen to his Dad and to always protect his Legos. Simple as that, but the end result was so much more.

Lego truly took on its brand character during this customer service situation. It listened to the customer, responded as a brand with emotion and ultimately gained a brand supporter for life. And now the brand is reveling in the positive pr and continuing to practice what it’s consistently been doing for years. Of course it’s not acceptable for all brands to consult with Ninjago Masters, but the idea that the brand felt real, approachable and listened are all characteristics customers hope a brand can achieve. Because at the end of the day when the Legos are put away it’s not the free pr that is a brand win, but the 7-year old that believes Lego has its own superpowers.

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