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Marriott’s Hiring: Zero Pay
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Marriott’s on a hiring spree. It’s more of a freelance role and, oh, there’s no salary attached to the work. Sounds intriguing, right? Sometimes the best information can be found from the local experts and Marriott Renaissance Hotels wants to be the hotel brand that uses this intelligence for a successful business. They are adding local experts to the playbook and striving to become the next Yelp, only in the hotel world. Successful or not, it’s a smart brand move to get some new information about what customers want.

Renaissance is redefining the hotel concierge; giving it an update and a new facelift. Now the hotel brand is asking locals to participate in its Navigator.com program, which ultimately helps this brand deliver new and relevant information to the customer. Instead of simply providing the less-than-exciting local information like most hotel websites, this new program allows Renaissance to offer the true inside local look. Locals are allowed to add their suggestions and tips on restaurants, stores, and entertainment directly onto the hotel website. Imagine that! A real inside look without having to leave the Renaissance site. Just another added value this hotel brand is hoping will gain momentum.

Renaissance was smart about this initiative. If it’s going to work there needs to be content on the site for the launch, so the brand went to social media channels and asked for the local scoop before the launch of the program. Now the sites can include the brand’s recommendations along with local suggestions to provide customers with a more robust planning tool when staying at Renaissance hotels. And think of the differentiation this new tool will bring — most other hotel brands simply offer what is close and a couple of recommendations. But Renaissance has found that customers want the local suggestions and have found that this new tool allows the content to be shared, creating viral attention for the brand. And to take this idea even further, the brand will have Navigator leads stationed in the hotel lobby, able to explain the local suggestions and promote the social channels to get this information down to the customer. It’s like the best of all worlds, simply connected together. How cozy is that?

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