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Because Everyone Needs Cake Mix
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Re-doing grocery. Making it elaborate, glamorous, and downright exciting. Because let’s be honest; the world of grocery can be rather boring, rather sticky, and rather annoying. But then you have a brand like Target that decided to put its Target charm all over the boring stuff and make it dramatic. It lets the brand take center stage and reminds customers, “Hey, Target does grocery, and makes it kinda fun and fancy.” Now what customer wouldn’t want to feel sassy while buying cake mix?

There’s no denying that Target is a brand to follow; one that has created excitement over superstore shopping and one that has redefined commodity products. Because at Target everything’s different. The experience, the picture frames, and now the toilet paper. Target was smart enough to realize that an opportunity exists within the grocery market. No one’s talking about it in a way that’s exciting and hey, just a little more fun. So Target took the lead and the result is pretty funny.

Because at the end of the day everyone needs to buy cake mix and there’s always a need for munchies when pregnant. So Target took the opportunity to glamourize commodity shopping and make it extravagant and downright beautiful. The brand created a campaign around regular grocery product using tactics that would normally be saved for fashion shoots. Target showcases each of the items as though they are runway bound. The result is a fun, funny campaign that reminds customers that Target provides the essential but in a very different way than other retailers. And luckily, the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, but instead is using this campaign as a way to show its creativity while showcasing its personality.

Brands are always going to have competition. That’s inevitable. But the ability to notice a need in the marketplace or discover a new way of doing business can always be found. It’s the brands that do something different and accepted that will succeed. Target hasn’t discovered a mathematical secret, but instead the brand is making its industry a whole lot more fun to shop in — who wouldn’t want to buy cake mix from a place like that?

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