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More 2013 Thoughts on Content
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Let’s get right back to it: the content evolution that will happen this year. New year, new things. Content is on to bigger and better things and for brands it’s all good news.

Twofor Known as COPE: Well if that isn’t the most confusing description ever. Basically, it’s getting a 2-for-1, and in the content world that’s known as COPE, or create once, publish everywhere. Imagine the ability for brands to spend more time on creating and curating content and less time on publishing it over multiple formats (text, mobile, PDF) to various locations (sites, webservers). And this idea is forcing a new enhanced capability in CMS tools; one that allows brands to create content once and just as easily make it usable anywhere.

Look-Alikes: Or different versions of the same piece of content. More than anything, brands want to ensure that content is tailored for a specific audience or segment. This new year will focus on being able to do just that — create content that is easily manipulated for various audiences. And simply, instead of tedious rewriting and re-creating. It’s the next wave of content marketing, where automation and ease are top of mind. Content is supposed to help brands excel, not force them into a time warp.

Agility Drills. Like soccer, but for content. No orange cones needed. Agile marketing is a brand’s ability to track and analyze all of its strategies to understand the effectiveness of each. This is an ongoing conversation within the marketing world and content doesn’t get a free pass on this one. 2013 will force brands to test content, A/B testing, to determine what works and what doesn’t. To get a clear picture of what brands will focus on and what doesn’t give the best return.

Game Plays: The conversation around content last year included many brands understanding the importance but not implementing a plan. This year gives a way and a reason for brands to make content a priority and truly create a strategy around this idea. A play here and there won’t win the game, but a fully thought-out plan is sure to move the brand forward.

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