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What 2013 Will Bring to the Table
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It happened. It’s 2013. Yes, 20-13. That’s crazy! There was bubbly, there was cake, and now it’s time to get serious. And as much as there’s a longing for the good old days, there’s a lot to be said for being so advanced. Brands are better, brands are smarter, and this brand landscape is no joke. There’s strategy, there’s technology, and of course there’s content. Yup, talking about content again. Because in 2013 there are going to be some changes in the content world, so here’s what all brands have to look forward to this year.

A Real Job: Yes, it’s going to happen. There is going to be actual jobs in content marketing; jobs that have that title and include that description. With content becoming extremely important to a brand’s strategy, many organizations are seeing the need to create positions. FINALLY. And it will get even more detailed than this with the creation of specialties within content marketing like videographers, researchers, bloggers, etc. Holy wow, the difference a year can make.

More Tools in the Toolbox: 2012 started the conversation around how to curate and create content, and 2013 should bring about the ability to curate content much more easily with tools and programs that allow brands to easily gather content that is already out there ready and waiting to be shared. Currently, there are a couple of tools that brands can use, but the new year should bring more options and more capabilities to make content easier. Brands like easier.

Collaborate and Listen: (Remember Vanilla Ice? He was predicting the future.) Many brands currently keep content closed into one department or one function of the organization. This will ultimately shift in the new year with brands understanding that cross-department get togethers are necessary. Content can be created from various specialties and experiences across the brand and it’s important that brands capitalize on varying opinions, expertise, styles, etc. Imagine the amount of content that could be created when the team is much larger than a small writing team.

Those are just a few of the brand content improvements expected for this bright new year. More to come, though — come back tomorrow!

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