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All Good Things Must End
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s the cycle of life, even brand life. Brands come, they gain success, and then there’s a point where they must leave. Either on to something new or the brand has determined it’s time to make an exit. Hopefully that point is on a good note and not after too much of a struggle. Many brands determine an end when they have something new in sight; a way to be more relevant and a way to gain future success based off a previous idea. And that is why the world is saying goodbye to Newsweek print.

The last issue of Newsweek was released; the last print issue, that is. The brand will still live on, just in newer, more modern formats. And Newsweek print fought to keep its brand alive but after rising publishing costs and a change in media habits the brand thought better. It realized it would have to stop the iconic print version of the brand and live on in a more relevant way. Newsweek will replace the print version with its iPad version. Although this is great for the public, it also means a reduced staff and a new way of doing business for the brand.

So a new generation of the brand will begin; one that will remember the iPad version of Newsweek and will only read about the long-ago print version on their tablets. Yes, it’s different, and yes, it’s sad to see print go, but it makes sense. It allows the brand to live on in a way that will bring the brand more success than hanging onto a past that will ultimately force the brand to go away. It’s being adaptable, understanding what customers want, and being able to integrate this into a brand. Newsweek is still able to deliver its core competency, news...just in a more fun, colorful, and technological way. Good luck, Newsweek.

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