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What Went RIGHT?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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So many times, brands focus on how to change, how to fix things, or how to make it better. They're always focusing on what went wrong and how to make it go right the next time. This is definitely a logical strategy for brands and something that is needed in order to have success in the future. But there is also quite a lot to be learned from the other extreme: the idea that there are lessons to be learned from what went right.

Brands are always critical of themselves. They have to be; it makes them better brands in the future. But much of this criticism comes from what went wrong and how to make it better in the future. There tends to be less emphasis around what is going right and how to replicate that to ensure continued success for years to come. But brands need to slow down and celebrate the positives. There are many programs, initiatives, and strategies that are successful; just think of the little nuggets of information that can be learned from these. What made these successful? What went right? And how can that be replicated in the future?

At a time of year when brands are looking to 2013 and hoping for something bigger and better, it’s important to not lose sight of what’s already been gained. There can be simple lessons learned from all the past successes that should be used again or modified to gain future success. Strategies don’t have to be built off what went wrong in the past, but instead can be created from a whole lot of “rights.”

It’s also important that brands don’t just assume that what went right in the past will automatically equate to success in the future. The same analysis that is done for a “what went wrong” scenario should be done for good scenarios as well. This will allow the brand to determine how they achieved success, the pieces that put it all together, and how to re-create this in the future. It’s not all bad when brands look at what’s right.

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