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After Gifts are Opened…
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Consumers buy. That’s right; they purchase. And this isn’t about a trip to the mall, but instead about the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger. Think about it. What are many people asking for this holiday season? iPads, mobile devices, and tablets. What happens after family time has reached its limit and boredom has set in? App purchases, of course. So it’s not all about the holiday season for brands, but also about the month of December to get updates refreshed and ready to go.

Many brands think of January as the month of “new.” The time when brands want to introduce something new and get customers excited about the brand. However, customers have changed this thinking when it comes to app development and release. If customers want it earlier, brands listen. The month of December is very busy and successful in the app download world. So it makes sense that brands would want to deliver and be accessible when customers are ready to download and purchase.

Although much of the focus in December is around the plans for January, this is a huge opportunity that brands don’t want to miss. There is a very dedicated audience that has time on their hands and a new gadget to play with, and they are looking to find the latest and greatest apps to purchase. In addition, there are those iTunes gift cards that will be given to friends and family that create another reason to get online and find those apps. As a brand, this is an opportunity to be at the table when customers are not only excited but engaged.

So if a brand plans to release new apps or refresh existing ones in 2013, there might be more challenges. That includes getting customers to listen, getting them excited, and then getting them to buy. Sure, customers can still get excited about something new in the “new year,” but why not give them what they want when they want it? December is where it’s at.

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