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Sometimes Right is Also Wrong
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s true. Brands should do what is right for their core concept and never let anything get in the way. Because this should be the ultimate goal of any brand — to succeed and grow on a core concept. This is right; anything else should be wrong. Right? Unfortunately, there is more to the story than simply success when customers are involved. It’s not as black and white as the statement above, because brands need to consider what works for the user, what makes sense, and ultimately how to achieve success with them at their side.

Instagram made a brand oops. Well, at least as far as the consumer is concerned. Last week, Twitter users noticed a change in the integration between their Instagram images and their tweets. What used to be easy and convenient somehow turned old and annoying. Why so? Instagram disabled the ability for users to view images in Twitter. So, for all of those pictures that are constantly tweeted, users now have to click a link and be redirected out of their Twitter feed to see an image. Is it worth it? Does it help the brand? Does it annoy the consumer? The jury is still out.

The real issue here is that Instagram is looking for success and as much as the brand says this move is in the right direction, it feels wrong to consumers. There is no explanation from Instagram on where the benefit is or what’s coming in the future to make ease-of-use a top priority. Right now customers simply see a benefit being taken away and an annoyance added to what they feel for the brand. Oh, Instagram; the brand that forgot to think of the customer.

There are times when brands have to make tough decisions and put success ahead of the customer or the long-term plan before a short-term gain. And this is okay...actually, more than okay. But brands need to fill customers in, tell them the story, get them excited, and take them on the journey too. Because if customers don’t like what a brand is doing and have no other information, they may simply turn away. And that is not worth a picture, a tweet, or a post.

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