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The Post-Holiday Plan
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s a busy time of year; lots of excitement and lots of brand activity. For many brands, this is the time of year they focus on when they're planning their top strategies. Other brands simply capitalize on what this holiday season means and put dollars aside to make sure they can compete. All this is for good reason, but it’s important for brands to know what’s next and make sure the success they have at the end of the year can continue into the early months of the next year. It’s all about planning.

Customers get an overabundance of brand messages during the holiday season. Brands are active and communicating and customers receive messages galore. Then January comes and many brands are tired, too tired to speak, so they become quiet. Customers forget and they move on to other brands; those that have planned a New Year strategy.

Brands need to make sure that they have a plan for post-holiday; something that is new to take advantage of the new year and something that excites customers about the brand again. It can’t be back to the "same old" because customers will lose interest and potentially leave. Especially those newbies that brands may have attracted during the holidays. Wouldn’t it be a shame for those customers to forget the brand in January?

But if brands plan, they have the ability to play off the success of the holiday season and start the year off with success. And it should include the idea of new — whether it’s new products, new initiatives, or even new capabilities. Customers want to feel reinvigorated and they expect brands to take that challenge and achieve it. So don’t lose what’s been achieved at the end of a busy year, but instead use that momentum to create an even better, more successful 2013.

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