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SEO Laws: Part 2
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Yes, there are still more laws to follow for SEO. It’s not an easy strategy, nor one that a brand should take lightly, which means a list of laws is needed. The basics were covered yesterday, but it doesn’t stop there. If you want successful SEO (which is the key) there are specific steps to take to get there. It's more important that a brand and a team understand the difference between what will create success with SEO and what will simply be a passing initiative. Here they are; part two of the SEO laws:

Architect with a Purpose. It’s important for brands to understand that the flow and organization of a site is extremely important. This goes beyond just being logical and helping the users find their way. Site architecture needs to be based on keywords if those are going to work hard for the brand and bring it success. Even if the team has agreed to and believes in these keywords, they won’t do a thing unless the site is set up to support them. Imagine a supermarket with no aisle signs and products all over the place; utter chaos. Don’t be that brand.

Titles are Good. Okay, more than just good, because every brand needs them. Title tags have always been part of the SEO conversation, but the emphasis around these little guys tends to wane over time. It’s important to keep title tags short and sweet (like mini cupcakes) and remember them day in and day out (just like that yummy cupcake). Title tags need to be tested and retested, changed, and updated. That’s how SEO works; it’s always there and always needs attention.

Link-apalooza. That’s a technical term. It’s all about the links with SEO, or successful SEO, to be exact. Brands need to have a link strategy and put focus behind this SEO tactic. As much as a brand may rank for certain terms without links, it cannot succeed with its competitors if links aren’t in place. Google is making the rules, so it’s best to follow them if SEO success is something a brand wants to achieve.

Be Optimal. Think positively about optimization. At the end of the day, all brands want to be successful with SEO and reap the benefits. Optimization is being effective and functional, so it’s not an overused word but instead a definition that many brands forget to use in their SEO strategy.

SEO is not what it used to be and there are many brands just hoping that what they put in place years ago will work. It won’t — there’s no sugarcoating that. So take the time, understand the rules, and create an SEO strategy that works hard for the brand. No shortcuts allowed.

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