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SEO Laws: Part 1
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Okay, so they aren’t really laws, but it seems more serious if it’s called a law instead of a guideline or rule. With a topic like SEO, that’s pretty important. It’s a scary marketing tactic, one that is still fairly new, and one that many brands don’t truly understand. But as a branding connoisseur, SEO is important and it’s just as important to know how to execute a successful SEO strategy. There are potential successful outcomes tied to SEO, so the more a brand knows and the more a brand understands the basics of this strategy, the more success it can handle. Here they are; the laws of SEO:

Don’t Make it an Afterthought. Normally a brand’s first inclination is to think about the site: what will the branding be, how will the functionality work, and most importantly when it will be live. After that point the conversation of SEO can start. Another famous scenario is a list of digital website tasks where SEO becomes crossed off due to time, money, and/or resources. This is how NOT to have a successful SEO strategy. After the site is built and everything is live, trying to retrofit an SEO strategy into a site will not provide the same results as if it had been connected to the original site design. SEO is a long-term strategy, not a quick-fix tactic to gain results. The lesson: don’t try to ice a cake before it’s been baked.

Leave that URL A-L-O-N-E! Many times during a redesign, a branding exercise takes place and there is a conversation about changing URLs. It’s tempting; there may be a new name that fits better, works better, or just proves to be available. But there’s risk in doing a switcharoo (that’s a technical term). The older urls have been indexed for a longer time and there’s value in the links pointing to them, so before making a creative decision, consider the overall implications. If a change does need to be made, be certain that there is an in-depth plan on how to do a redirect and how to ensure customers and links don’t get lost.

SEO is a Team Sport. Yes, like baseball or soccer or synchronized swimming. Arms out of the water at the same time for additional points. A brand’s keywords need to be researched and listed out so everyone in the organization (or at least on the immediate team) knows where the priorities lie. And it’s important for research to be done on keywords. Brands need to understand what competitors are using and where they might fit into the picture; and, of course, that everyone on the team is playing the same game.

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