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The Power of Repurposing
By: Janet Kalandranis
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A new idea is great and definitely something brands want to strive for, but new also comes with consequences. Those are normally time, money, and resources. Plus, new is hard to create; it’s unreasonable for brands to think they can create new for each and every program and each and every initiative. But there is a way for things to “feel” new if brands simply understand how and why to repurpose. What may seem obvious to the brand may not have even been considered by customers. Repurpose (and recycle); it’s cheaper.

In the most general terms, repurposing is the ability of brands to take what they have and show customers new ways to use the brand and products. These aren't necessarily revolutionary ideas, but many times they're something the brands assume customers should know. The truth is, customers don’t spend all their time thinking about brands and products, so if they aren’t told they probably don’t know. (Shocking secret, right?) Think of classic cereal; a very simple product, food eaten at breakfast. But cereal brands wanted their product to be used as a kids' snack and an adult late-night treat. It’s not the greatest idea of the decade, but without giving customers the suggestion, they may not have thought of their breakfast food in that way. It’s all in the repurpose.

What about content. Many brands don’t get into content because they don’t have a resource to write and create from that will last them more than a month; however, there’s no rule saying that content has to be new. It just has to be a new idea to the customer. So for those brands that have lots of products, content is an easy way to repurpose and give customers ideas. For example, clothing companies that offer the gamut of pieces for every gender and every age can create wish lists, editor picks, and ideas for every budget. More specifically, they can go deeper with the products that are already available to customers. Take one skirt or one shirt and challenge customers to show how they would use that piece for various occasions. There’s nothing novel about these ideas, but they allow brands to take what they already have and make it work harder and go further for success. Again, it’s all in the repurposing.

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