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Brand Integrity is Forever
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Many brands talk about the “good” they do. It can range from charities they support/create to community opportunities they attend or even how they support their employees. Companies don’t hide where they interact, hoping that it adds to the overall brand image customers create for a company. And then there are positioning statements and brand missions. These include what the brand aims to achieve and how it plans to deliver this to its customers. It’s the best of the best the brand has to offer.

Integrity: doing good at all times and living up to expectations. That’s the short definition, but one that consumers understand and one they hope all brands follow. Do right at all times, even when there is no PR, no story, and no glory. But many brands forget this and forget its importance to customers. That’s where brands go wrong.

Customers want brands to act as they have stated they would and as they imagine they should. That includes every associate and every interaction with a customer. That’s going above and beyond and doing the right thing without posting it on Facebook. That includes the business deals the brand makes and how they support that brand mission. A partnership might make a lot of money, but if it’s not the “good” thing to do, then don’t sign on the dotted line. Success doesn’t come from bypassing a mission statement or ignoring it when it’s not convenient. Success comes from integrity.

Integrity isn’t easy, but those brands and associates that follow the definition definitely succeed. Customers notice and they remember. If it’s a positive experience, more brand points; if it’s not, customers may turn away. Integrity is forever so those brands that take shortcuts and bend the rules can’t make it long term. But those brands that focus on integrity and make it a top priority are brands that will continue to be in the customer mindset and ultimately win in the end.

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