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The Who’s Who of Content Marketing
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There’s been a shift in brand thinking. What used to be a conversation around why content marketing is needed has now transformed into how to do content marketing well. Most brands have been convinced (as they all should) that content marketing is a successful strategy that should be included in overall plans moving forward. But now that brands want to dive in, they are looking for who’s doing it well and how they can incorporate these content marketing methods into their own world. So here’s a look at the experts in content marketing.

Virgin Mobile. Yes, a communications brand, more specifically a telecomm brand, has figured out how content can be successful. And it’s not about reaching everyone, but instead about increasing engagement across the customer segment. Virgin recently launched Virgin Mobile Live, which is a social newsroom filled with content, of course. This new tool allows Virgin to push out updates multiple times a day across multiple channels allowing customers to be up-to-date and interact with the brand with useful information. And the most successful part has been giving customers content where they already hang out: Facebook and Twitter. Virgin makes it a point to reward fans with brand experiences in the social media realm. The next phase? Allowing fans to reward one another. That’s a great way to keep content marketing new and exciting yet relevant for the brand’s target.

American Express. This brand is not new to the content marketing world, but its most successful and longest program is American Express Unstaged. The ability for people to see concerts streamed lived with additional exclusive pre- and post-event coverage, all available through American Express. It’s not only about getting the brand message to more people, but about getting them to convert; getting them to the point in time when people are converted to customers as a result of seeing the brand. That’s a win for American Express and music is a great access point. And American Express won’t stop there as the brand plans to incorporate additional experiences with sports and entertainment. All of this is directed at getting customers to consider the brand through content.

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