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Was Cyber Monday Real?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s been termed the highest online holiday purchase day. The day after the Thanksgiving long weekend when consumers are back in their routine, sitting at their desks and apparently ordering away. Cyber Monday grew and is now a known date just like Black Friday, when customers expect the deals. However, are companies actually serving up the best savings or have brands decided to play along for this little online shopping holiday while really focusing their efforts elsewhere?

Created in 2005, Cyber Monday is known as the top online holiday shopping day. But it’s come to the attention of brands that this actually may not be true, at least not today. The first year was a success as were many of the following years, but how long can the success last? Brands are willing to offer the deals, but Twitter was ablaze yesterday with customers asking, "Where are the deals?" The deals just weren’t the best of the best.

In the recent years brands have noticed that there’s a lot of opportunity in the days leading up to Cyber Monday. There were pre-Cyber Monday sales pasted all over the web and social media along with pre-Black Friday sales and even pre-Thanksgiving sales. So maybe Cyber Monday is just a game to be played and not one that actually gets the most success for brands.

Cyber Monday also used to play off the day when consumers were back at work, hooked up to WiFi. Well, that situation is less about WiFi these days since accessibility is much broader than the first Cyber Monday back in 2005. And now there are mobile devices that DO EVERYTHING except wrap the gifts. With the ability to purchase on the go, with an app and at any point in time, maybe Cyber Monday is a little outdated. It’s not to say that brands have completely removed Cyber Monday from their arsenal of holiday tools, but maybe it’s more of a play-along than an actual top purchase day for their customers. And that’s okay as long as everyone is playing the same game.

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