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If Something Works, Change It
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands hope for the day when they’ll find a product, a service, or a marketing tool that brings them success. The item that ultimately has the pass-along effect; the one customers tell their friends about and ultimately create additional business. It’s a brand’s dream to be the one that figured out the key to success and ride the wave from year to year. But there’s an important lesson in finding that “golden ticket.” Brands can’t let it live and let it die, but instead have to alter it, change it, update it to create a prolonged success that continually reinvents itself.

Elf Yourself. Enough said — everyone knows what it is and has used it and each holiday season this marketing ploy comes back. But it can get old. Customers have done it once; maybe they’ll do it again, but there’s no guarantee. So the brand has to take action and be the one to make Elf Yourself a continued success for OfficeMax. And it did. It knows that any successful tool needs more fuel and more attention to grow from year to year because staying the same won’t work. Change will.

So this year Elf Yourself has new partnerships and new integrations for the next era of the tool. There’s a new live debut video broadcast of many elves and of course the launch of an online app. Because Elf Yourself had to grow, the joke of it has now grown into something you can purchase. Create and share a holiday card on the go with a purchase option. Smart move for OfficeMax, understanding that if there’s a following around Elf Yourself it needs to take the steps to capitalize on the success. So instead of letting this little tool simply be the funny holiday game that comes out year after year, it now is a revenue stream for a set of customers that may not otherwise purchased the brand. Change can be good, not drastic but simple, on something that customers already want more of: elves.

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