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Nordstrom's Holiday Messaging
By: Sarah Jane Dunaway
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For a few years now, Nordstrom has released a message stating that it would not start decorating for the winter holiday season until after Thanksgiving. The message has received relatively low attention in the past [at least in the eyes of consumers].

The statement released by Nordstrom was reposted on their Facebook fan page this past week in a message that read,

‘We won’t be decking our halls until Friday, November 23.

Why? We just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time.

Our stores will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving festivities. On Friday, our doors will open to ring in the new season in style.’

Less than a week after the message was released, the Facebook post has received more than 26,000 likes and almost 3,000 shares. It has rapidly become a hot topic of conversation both online and offline. In an overwhelming sea of holiday decorations, often resulting in the downplay of Thanksgiving as a holiday, consumers are speaking out with appreciation for the awareness that Christmas and Hanukkah do not occur immediately following Halloween [or Easter].

One Facebook fan posted the message, "This is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. A retailer has come to its senses!"

Another wrote, "It’s about time the stores finally get it. Nice job Nordstrom!! You have my heart!"

The retail economy has felt the pains of budget restrictions among consumers, though it is predicted that consumes will be shopping more this holiday season. A spike in retail sales means everyone wants a piece of the action. This season appears to be the perfect opportunity for retailers to go after consumers back in the holiday shopping game.

Nordstrom’s decision to hold off decorating for the December holidays is a smart one from both consumer and marketing strategy perspectives. The decision recognizes that Nordstrom is aware stores elsewhere are bombarding consumers with sales, specials, decorations, and a massive overload of holiday-themed products. From formal bow ties to chocolate candy to holiday-themed slipper socks, the retail industry has severe holiday fever.

Nordstrom’s commitment to hold off on the winter holidays allows consumers to rest easy that shopping in their store the week of Thanksgiving won’t include pressure to find all of their stocking stuffers right away. After all, Christmas is still a month away!

In a sea of holiday-heavy messaging, Nordstrom’s commitment to wait has become the most talked about holiday messaging, thus making it one of the most successful holiday campaigns so far this season. It’s a campaign built around sincerity and empathy for its customers and it speaks to its target audience. As a fellow Nordstrom shopping enthusiast, it’s no wonder that its consumers are extremely committed and loyal to the brand!

What is the best way to attract brand attention? Do something [positively] different and stand by that decision.

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Sarah Jane Dunaway is a brand strategist and design consultant, and the writer and creator behind the blog Clean & Proper. A former member of the paper and printing industry, Sarah Jane specializes in helping businesses of all sizes streamline marketing communications by creating compelling brand identity systems and corporate identity packages. Find her online here

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