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Thanksgiving Means 'Holiday Season'
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, the long-awaited day (or long-dreaded day) that, for many brands, signals the start of the holiday season. There’s a different feel in the air once Turkey Day arrives — more hustle, more bustle, and also more giving. It’s something many brands talk about and promote during this time period. But many also forget to do one important thing — say thank you.

Everyone learned it as a child: say please, say thank you. And this is something brands need to remember to do for their customers not only once a year but continuously. With many options and numerous competitors, customers can choose to interact with a brand or choose to go somewhere else, and "thank you" helps. A thank you isn’t going to necessarily equate to sales and transactions, but to customers it means something. It lets them know that they are appreciated and that the brand cares about and appreciates them. That’s a big statement.

Think about all the brands that do business with customers and never let them know they appreciate the business. It might not cause a customer to leave, but it also won’t cause a customer to gush about that brand to a friend. Those brands that go out of their way to make customers feel like they are number one are those that have brand loyalists and advocates and keep on succeeding. So during this holiday time, brands can’t be the only one in the bunch not saying thank you and not showing the love. Instead, it’s the time to send out that thank-you email to customers; to create a Pinterest board of thanks or to offer customers something they can only get once a year. And let them know the reason — this brand appreciates them, and it wants to say thanks. Just how it’s taught, thank you is simple yet effective.

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