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Cheerios Plays Family and Tradition
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s the cereal that many kids start out with when they move to real food. It’s a classic and one that many parents themselves enjoyed as a toddler. It’s simple, it’s healthy, and it’s been able to live more than a decade. General Mills knows that Cheerios has a story to tell; one that’s less about ingredients and more about the memories that these little circular bites can create. Those are powerful things that, if created, can help strengthen a brand for years to come.

General Mills has a host of cereals to promote, yet it knows which ones to promote to kids and which ones will create brand loyalists through the parents. Cheerios is one of these long-term brands. It’s not a fleeting purchase that happens with a coupon or when the kids ask too many times in the store, it’s the purchase that happens week after week. Cheerios is the brand that parents grew up with, and at a time when everything else is so complicated, Cheerios makes it simple again.

The brand is airing a new set of TV spots that uses a simple tagline and very modern yet subdued colors; it’s “the one and only Cheerios.” And the scenes are ordinary, again, very simple, but represent so much more. They are family scenes, ones that occur now but also could have occurred in the past and will most definitely occur in the future. It’s these simple images that show when Cheerios fits in the lives of its customers — every day. But more importantly is the idea that Cheerios is a lasting memory, something that many parents remember from their childhood and something they want to create for their families.

Cheerios isn’t doing anything overly complicated, but rather the opposite. The brand is keeping it simple and playing off the real winner of this product: the memories it has built and the ones it intends to create in the future. There’s no mention of product ingredients, health nutritionals, or taste. Because in these spots Cheerios isn’t the hero for being a loved breakfast but instead is the hero for creating lasting memories. And that is what will bring this brand well into another decade.

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