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Allstate, Selling Safety
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Many brands take on initiatives that support the environment, the community, and, overall, their customers. These strategies can range from being a sustainable brand to one that supports a cause that’s close to the brand. And although many brands use these tactics as a way to emotionally connect with their customers and to be relevant to what is important to them, there is little financial benefit to the brand. Maybe it doesn’t feel right to brands and maybe they want this part of the business to feel authentic and real. But what if a brand could achieve all that and still use this “do-good” benefit as a way to attract more customers?

Allstate, boring old insurance brand. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. The majority of this industry is based on price and availability and there’s little talk outside of that scope. That is, until Allstate figured out a strategy to do good and also attract customers — the good driver’s discount. It’s really a revolutionary idea because it trumps every other insurance company. The standard for good drivers has always been just not to charge them more, simple as that; it's a pretty good benefit, too. But Allstate took it further and decided to reduce the cost of insurance (significantly) for those drivers who follow the rules. That’s money back in the customer’s pocket.

This good idea ties two key items together for the brand — emotional connection and sales. At the end of the day it’s a way for the brand to bring in more customers. No one wants to pay for car insurance, so the ability to decrease that cost can definitely attract a customer from a competitor. And Allstate is using this message to talk about safety; think indirect selling. Giving tips and ideas on how to stay safe on the road and backing this up with statistics — all followed by a plug for the safe driver’s discount and why it’s important to drive carefully on the roads. Smart move, Allstate. It’s hard for many brands to create an authentic strategy that plays off an emotional topic that can truly drive sales, but Allstate found one, and a successful one.

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