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Make Websites Work Harder
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There are still a couple of basic website rules that brands need to follow when launching a site. Remember, it’s not just those pretty pictures or clever words that make a website. This marketing tool has a job to do, so it’s important for brands to ensure their websites are working hard for the brand. Just a couple more items to remember when launching a brand site or taking a look at one that might need a refresh.

Let Them Find You. This not only applies to the actual website URL, but also to the physical sense of the brand. Customers want to know who and where the brand is, literally. So don’t hide that contact information; instead, proudly show it on the site. Customers want to know that they can connect with a brand, so giving them the opportunity (even if they don’t use it) is key. In addition, you’ll gain a lot of local followers if they understand the brand is located in their region. And no brand should be too proud to not want extra brand enthusiasts.

Put Customers to the Test. It’s okay for brands to not know all the answers; that’s part of the fun. There are certain design elements and layouts that will work for different brands, so it’s important to test. And it’s not all about what customers “like” better, but instead what produces more conversions or results for the brand. It could be certain colors, certain design treatments, and even certain flows within the site. Better to take an extra month, test out a couple of ideas, and see results instead of creating a site that really doesn’t help customers engage with the brand.

Measure Right. It’s not enough to just report out on page views and visitors, because in a couple of months that won’t provide the full picture. Brands need to understand how their site is converting visitors to customers and customers to engaged brand loyalists. The quicker a brand can determine how to measure this, the easier it will be to tie the website into overall success. And every brand loves success.

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