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Websites are More Than Pretty Pictures
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands today NEED a website. Even small, newer brands need to have a presence online because that’s where customers go to find more information. However, a website, no matter how small the brand, needs a purpose in order to convert people into customers and from customers into brand enthusiasts. And although for many startups there’s little time to think about the website while creating a successful brand, there are a couple of key items that can help pave the way. After all, those pretty pictures need to provide some value to a brand.

Throw them a Bone. Not literally, just figuratively. Visitors may be coming to the site not really knowing who the brand is and what it provides. So use the website to answer just those questions. Customers will want to know what the call-to-action is so they understand the purpose of the brand and how they can interact. All of this information should be extremely clear on a brand’s website. Not annoyingly clear, but cleverly clear. This allows the brand to convert customers while still keeping the brand's look and feel. As long as customers know where to go and what to do, converting them from visitors to purchasers can be a main goal of the site.

Introductions are Key. No person wants to shake someone’s hand and have that person remain silent through the entire interaction. Same thing is true for brands. Customers need to clearly understand what the brand is about and its value proposition. So don’t hide this on the website, but instead make it clear and easy for customers to quickly understand what the brand is and where it fits. It’s also important that this information is quick to read and easy to understand. Most customers are not going to engage with a long, drawn-out mission statement online, but instead are hoping to get a quick sense of the core of the brand.

There’s more to a brand website than just a fancy logo and a flashy design. Websites need to work hard for brands in introducing them to the customers and converting visitors into true brand loyalists. And today’s customers expect that brands know how to create a website that will do just this — because if it doesn’t, those pretty pictures aren’t going to provide much value.

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