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Don’t Tell, Show
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands love to talk, a lot. Sometimes too much. Less talking and more showing should be the focus at the next marketing meeting. It’s important for customers to understand a brand and be able to quickly know its differentiators, but does it have to be all talk? Brands need to easily show customers how they are different because a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are brands that talk about product qualities and competitive advantages, and then there are those that demonstrate easily for the customer to understand. Dyson TV spots show the vacuum in action, able to easily get around corners. This is something customers can understand even without words. The brand can be more successful than listing out each quality of a boring old vacuum. After all, who wants to talk about dirt for too long anyway?

Now think of classic hair commercials; they are great at talking, but also pretty good at showing. Consumers want to see those beautiful shots of thick hair that’s shiny and vibrant. Luckily, that’s exactly what these brands show. It might not be differentiating, but at least a consumer can quickly understand the product benefits. And that’s the goal of “showing.”

There’s merit to brands showing more to customers instead of telling them what they should gain from a TV spot. Consumers are less likely to feel like the brand is preaching at them and instead is showing them benefits they can decide to accept or reject, and showing is a great way for brands to expand what consumers know about their products. By showcasing features and capabilities, brands are more likely to get at the core of the product rather than simply listing out the benefits. Oh, and sometimes consumers don’t want to think and listen...they really just want to watch.

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