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A Little Election Peer Pressure
By: Janet Kalandranis
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When brands think about engaged customers they only hope for a pass-along effect. The ability for brand enthusiasts to authentically recommend a brand to others. These messages, from a current customer to a potential one, are priceless. It can equate to a new brand advocate and of course a new purchaser of the brand. And it’s not just for certain brands, as this tactic can be (and was) used by all, even brand Election 2012.

There are little stickers given out at every voting location, allowing those that voted to let others know. This sticker is more powerful than the election could have thought. These little stickers were all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this year. Enthusiasts of Election 2012 were proud and loud yesterday as each shared an action they had taken with the brand, hoping to promote others would do the same. It’s the pass-along affect.

Something as simple as a sticker has provided staying power in the Election brand from the '80s through its current state. Initially, the sticker was a visual message to other like “customers” to take part in the election, but somehow this little paper item has transcended decades. Customers are sharing images of the sticker on their walls and through photo galleries, and they're most definitely using this little brand icon to show their advocacy in Election 2012. Well played, brand election, well played — the brand actually picked a giveaway that seems to be doing its job.

And hopefully this peer pressure works for the brand, gaining more voters than in past presidential elections. It’s not solely due to a sticker, but without it would there have been as much visual representation on social media channels promoting the brand? And what U.S. voter wants to admit that they didn’t vote when the brand Election 2012 was all the rage yesterday?

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