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When Online Brands Go Traditional
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands that are born and rooted in digital and technology tend to stay in the world they know. It makes sense; these brands are where their customers are and they invest in keeping this audience in the realm of where their brands reside. The conversation is normally about traditional brands and the slow push to get them to interact online...but what happens when the brand is already digital and needs to help customers get there?

Amazon is a born-and-bred online brand. Customers experience digital interaction with the brand through banner ads, SEM campaigns, and, of course, Twitter and Facebook promotions. Customers understand the brand online and expect to see it all over this medium. Then Amazon had an idea, a really good one — to move its holiday campaign to the outdoor space. That means bus stations are now housing Amazon clothing ads for this upcoming holiday season. It makes sense in more ways than one. Amazon needs to be where other competitors are in order to be top of mind. Luckily, Amazon did this in a way that felt right for the brand and with a specific message it needed to communicate. The brand also made a smart move because although many of its current customers are online, maybe there is a new set the brand can hit. These are customers that don’t turn to Amazon for holiday shopping, but if given the idea might gladly jump on the bandwagon.

One Kings Lane has taken a note from Amazon’s playbook. The online home furnishings brand has gone traditional with a yearlong TV campaign. It may seem odd and bit too far-fetched, but there is merit in this idea. Many consumers are watching TV with a tablet or smartphone in hand, and with mobile purchases on the rise for One Kings Lane, this strategy helps the brand message directly to this customer set. Remember customers are now always connected.

Although it may seem odd for very non-traditional brands to go traditional with media campaigns, there is a strategy behind this idea. Whether it’s to gain new customers, message to customers during their down time, or to simply to be with the competition, the lesson is simple. Today’s brands can’t be secluded; they need to use the “new” and the “old” for ongoing success.

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