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Who's Passing the Scotch Whiskey?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Most brands have a very specific target audience. This is the set of people or businesses that the brand appeals to, and the majority of sales are made with this audience. Sure, there can be sub-segments of this audience, but rarely does a brand focus on completely changing its core set of customers. That is, unless the brand needs to come out of its shell, shake things up, and ultimately create a new revenue stream. And that is why Scotch whiskey is now for women.

Dewar’s is a long-time brand serving up Scotch whiskey that is mainly thought to entertain that older man in the leather chair. Yes, the one with the cigar in one hand, a small glass in the other, and, of course, in a dark study having an important “manly” conversation. That has been the brand’s target for years; it has made the brand successful and has ultimately created a persona for Dewar’s. And then the brand decided it wanted more, and something different.

Enter an English woman with Scottish accent. That sums up Dewar’s new target. With a new campaign, the brand is trying to expand its audience and create a new set of customers for the product. This could ultimately open up revenue streams for Dewar’s, and it makes an “old man” drink a sophisticated younger drink, creating an entire new brand. Dewar’s is almost combining the two thoughts — old and new — by keeping “The Drinking Man’s Scotch” line, but showing a new audience set (women) enjoying the Scotch whiskey.

There’s no guarantee that Dewar’s plan will work, but it’s worth a try. In order for the brand to grow and succeed, new revenue streams are needed — and one of the best ways to do this is by attracting new purchasers. But brands need to understand that audience sets are different; what worked in the past may now need to be revamped and more effort is needed to engage these new consumers. After all, Scotch whiskey is new to them, so maybe someone needs to pass them a bottle.

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