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Little Change, Big Impact
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands understand big changes; strategy shifts that affect every facet of the business. This means that all teams are involved, there are weekly status meetings, and a very detailed launch plan is brought to the table. All this makes sense, and for brands it’s something that is tried and true and ultimately accepted. But what happens when the change isn’t all encompassing, but really just a small notch on the scale? Do brands know what to do?

Customers who go into a CVS/pharmacy in the next couple of months will notice a change when picking up prescriptions. It’s a positive change; one that is supposed to reduce wait times and ultimately manage customer information just a little better. A small operational change. No big deal.

However, it seems that CVS forgot to inform customers of this change. So they walk up, expecting what they are used to, and all of a sudden there’s something different. No signage, no employee pins (not that those are recommended), and no pamphlet to help explain the benefit. Sure, it’s a simple change, but it affects the check-out process — one that many customers could have completed blind-folded. A change could “change” everything.

And the employees — how should they handle this change? Are they responsible for explaining the update? Are there specific messages that should be relayed? Are they prepared enough to deliver? Brands need to understand that change, no matter what size, is just that — change. There needs to be a plan to implement and educate across the board. This includes customers, associates, and all internal corporate groups. Because as much as people like change, they don’t run to it and accept it, but instead learn that a change might be good over time. Brands need to give them the tools to think just that.

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