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Who’s Going to Rock the Holidays, Retail Style?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s almost that time of year again — the holiday rush. Starting on Black Friday and ending Christmas Eve, retail brands hope for that big bump in sales and an increase in customers buying, buying, buying. There are always brands that make this time of year a success with planning and strategy...and then there are brands that leave those tools out and ultimately lose. The question is, which brands will wind up on this year’s top retail list, making a happy transition into 2013? Drumroll, please…

Amazon.com. Potentially an obvious pick, but the brand’s popularity has grown in recent years. More importantly, the brand has a strategy. It doesn’t stay at the top of online retail without focusing on increasing product categories and items to purchase, specifically focusing on fashion and luxury; when the brand decided to put a push around these products, they didn’t keep it quiet, but instead are forcing this message to customers with outdoor advertising. Organized, targeted content to drive the holiday business — nice work Amazon.

Target. It’s the obvious choice, as the cheap, chic retailer has had ongoing success. However, for this season the brand plans to focus on its special “Shops at Target” collection. These feature items from independent boutiques around the country, which are exactly what customers are gravitating towards. Target provides access to these products on a larger scale, hopefully drawing in additional holiday shoppers. The brand will focus on the contemporary and stylish collaboration this holiday season adding new news to its everyday, standard products.

Macy’s. The traditional retailer may be getting some increased success as a result of JC Penney’s continuous decline. However, the brand has been set to take the stage with more relevant and targeted content during this upcoming holiday season. But with Macy’s still focusing on celebrity endorsements, there’s still room for customers to turn the other way.

Success is expected from these brands that have clear strategies that focus on a target customer. It’s not an everything for everyone idea, but instead these brands are pushing something new trying to extend their relevance. Now to wait and see where customers go and which brand receives a happy holiday of sales.

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