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The 'They Ask, You Answer' Business
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Brands start out with a core concept; a product or service that fulfills a need in the marketplace and is competitive within an industry. Although successful with the original strategy, this doesn’t mean that brands can’t branch out and provide answers. That’s right, answers to questions that customers are asking and answers to questions that the industry hasn’t talked about yet. It’s stepping beyond products and services and bringing content into the mix.

Many brands assume that to provide content they need to create an entirely new publishing department. Not true brands, not true. Instead of overthinking the ability to branch out into content, brands need to look inside at the talent they have already acquired. Take all of those passionate employees who know the ins and outs of the business and let them write. Let them answer questions, provide topics, and push out content that customers can’t seem to get anywhere else. Now the brand is in the content business.

Content is a needed business. Today only 1% of brands are actually creating content, which means that there is a shortage of supply, yet customers are demanding answers. This is the point where customers go online, talk about their questions, and somehow find a “sort-of” answer to what they need. Imagine the loyalty that would be created for a brand that provided the answers and made it easier for their target. In addition, engagement with employees will also rise. Imagine employees that create or share the content and the connection they will feel to the brand they work for — very positive.

Not all brands will be content creators, but it’s important to note that the need is out there and customers are waiting. It’s a natural extension for any brand that feels they can sustain answering those industry questions and resolving the confusion of customers. Any brand that provides these messages will ultimately be in the consideration set when it’s time to purchase. Go ahead, start writing.

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