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Nike Stands By Its Beliefs
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Consumers have beliefs; normally, a strong set of them. These beliefs are what direct them to follow certain brands, use them, and ultimately engage with them. Recently, there have been many cases where a brand did something out of character and customers reacted. This reaction can go as deep as eliminating the brand from a consumer’s consideration set, and all because a brand didn’t uphold its beliefs or maybe didn’t really have a set of beliefs at all.

Then there are brands that have learned from their mistakes and now take their sets of beliefs seriously, really seriously. Nike announced this week that it has dropped Lance Armstrong from its athlete roster. There was no fight, no ongoing battle; just a simple decision from a brand that wanted to stand behind its beliefs. In the past, Nike has learned that not being strong and cutting corners can result in a tarnished brand image. This time the brand decided to stay strong with what it believes.

This isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, or who did drugs and who is lying. The conversation is more about brands creating a strong set of beliefs and standards and never disregarding this list. It may seem tough at times when the media is involved and big dollar signs are connected, but the brand image is actually the most important thing. One sidestep of its beliefs can result in customers rethinking their choice of the brand and ultimately choosing to go another way.

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