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Pin for Holiday Success
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s that time of year again; the time when consumer brands focus a core segment of their business on the holidays — the traffic, the products, and most importantly, the sales. And all brands are hoping for a successful holiday season with purchases that not only beat out last year’s numbers but surpass them through the use of new social tools. It’s holiday success on steroids.

Most brands have a very detailed holiday plan. It includes product launches, promotions, and a marketing strategy to drive purchases during this key timeframe. And all consumer brands want to take part. In the past, the focus has been around messaging and availability with a more recent focus around sales and discounts. But now there is an additional tool that brands can use to move product — it’s more emotional, more aspirational, and definitely translating into dollars for many companies.

Retailers are seeing success with Pinterest and hope this trend continues throughout the holiday season. The ability for marketers to pin holiday gift ideas and items allows brands to create another avenue to promote their products. Consumers are also helping out by pinning and re-pinning items they want, have, or plan to buy. Pinterest will turn into an interactive gift guide for consumers that allows them to search for ideas and make purchases based on various criteria. And the Pinterest referrals are working — Pinterest followers are 10% more likely to purchase when compared with other social avenues, like Twitter or Facebook.

Luckily for retailers, Pinterest hit it big this year and has turned into a place consumers go to buy stuff. Since the holidays are all about buying, it seems like a natural fit. Those brands that include Pinterest in their holiday strategy are focusing their efforts around a tool that might make the difference between good sales and great sales during this season. So although many brands may not have planned a Pinterest strategy earlier in the year, it makes sense to put down the pen and paper and start pinning items for holiday success.

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