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Continuous Quality by Facebook
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Quality is something all brands are concerned about in order to be and stay successful. It’s something that is discussed consistently, but many brands are only making updates in this realm every so often. It takes a lot of time, money, and people to continuously launch and relaunch quality for any brand. That is, of course, unless you are Facebook, the brand that focuses on quality for the customer, the true end customer, and takes everyone else along for the ride.

There have been rumors in the past couple of weeks that Facebook is revamping its EdgeRank Algorithm, which determines who sees what content. Great for the consumer population, but a little more challenging for brands that have planned strategies with the old algorithm as a base. This change, though, is very much in line with how Facebook works and the benefit it sees in providing quality content for its users. Although users may have “liked” a brand in the past, Facebook is going one step further to understand the interaction with the brand to determine if a user is really interested in that brand’s content.

Brands need to pay attention to this change and most likely update their Facebook strategies in the next six months. Even though brands may have assumed their fans would be reading their content, Facebook has taken that right away from brands and placed it in the hands and clicks of the users. There is now a difference between a "like" and content showing up in someone’s News Feed. Why? Quality control, of course. Facebook is protecting its brand and ensuring that the News Feed provides the most relevant content to each user, hence the consistent algorithm updates. It may not be the best news for other brands within the Facebook realm, but that’s also not the priority when it comes to quality. Facebook knows who its number-one user is and therefore consistently works to provide them with a quality product. It's the brand that does it more often than many others — and that’s a brand lesson to click on to.

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