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Bringing Mobile In-House?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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When mobile technology first started, all brands went to the pros. This was not something any brand played around with as new technology needs experts. That trend has lasted for quite some time, with most brands outsourcing mobile development through agency partnerships. The strategy is handled with a partner and the development is taken care of as part of the agreement. But now there is a shift, a realization that brands want control in their hands and dollars back in their bottom line.

Brands now realize that mobile and app development is not something out of the ordinary. It is a needed branch within a brand’s strategy. Whereas a couple years ago brands were forced to use agencies to make their development needs real, there are now alternate ways to get it done. Brands can save dollars and hire a full team of mobile developers while also gaining control of application strategy. There’s no middleman, but instead brand employees that provide the same work at a better pay and provide strategic direction.

Now brands realize the importance of mobile and app development and aren’t shipping it out to an agency partner. Just as web development started with agencies and has moved in-house, mobile development is on the same path. There’s a benefit for brands to keep this expertise as part of the company that exceeds simple dollars and cents. With a team of developers, brands are able to consistently work on various mobile projects with an expert that understands the brand’s future. This is not to say that agency partners will be completely eliminated but much of the work will now be shared. There’s now an expert in-house to collaborate with the agency and to provide more depth for mobile projects. And that is a win for both the brand and the customer.

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