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Luvs Wants Second Timers
By: Janet Kalandranis
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Parent brands – most of them look to acquire the target during that sweetspot before the first bundle of joy is born. Get them during those stressful moments, provide benefits and hopefully retain them as a customer through many more kids. It makes sense to create brand advocates early on and then move with these customers through stages of life.

Then there’s Luvs, a very well-known diaper brand, doing just the opposite. Going not after the first-time parent but instead marketing directly towards second-time mothers. That’s right, those moms that Luvs says are experts. First-time moms are “ticking time bombs of stress and anxiety,” whereas second-time moms are the experts, the “grace under pressure” example. Luvs believes there is an evolution between first timers and those moms with multiple kids. And the brand also believes there’s a benefit in marketing to this specific group of mom experts.

Oh and Luvs decided to use humor in this latest targeted pitch. The brand is giving characteristics and personality to each of these lifestages. Those second-time moms are taking parenthood by the reins and enjoying less stress than those first-time moms. And why is Luvs doing this, why putting such a strong focus around second-time moms. The brand learned through research and data that second-time moms are more likely to purchase Luvs. So Luvs wanted to acknowledge this and capitalize on what it knows. It’s not definite though if this target is simply purchasing Luvs more often than first-time moms because they cost less. And as a second-time mom there’s less funds and hey saving some dollars is probably welcomed.

But one thing Luvs does know how to do is identify a specific target and market straight to them. And in a way that works, emotionally. Luvs isn’t talking price and product features but its talking the talk of second-time moms. Those that know better, don’t sweat the small stuff and ultimately keep Luvs as their diapers of choice. All wrapped up in one funny little campaign – because then again second-time moms probably laugh at themselves a bit more too.

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