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What’s Beneath a Brand Promotion?
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There’s much more to an online promotion than meets the eye. Sure, it’s aimed at getting customers engaged or re-engaged, but the benefits go further than this. It allows the brand to try something new, create a short-term buzz, and ultimately direct customers to hear very specific information. In the end, the promotion is really a means to much more than a grand prize or bragging rights; it gives customers new perspective on a brand and ultimately a new relationship.

Lay's is currently running a customer-engagement program; one where the customer gets to interact with the brand and ultimately play a part in the future of a product. It’s aimed at getting consumers to create the next flavor of Lay's chips. And it doesn’t stop there — Lay's has brought in celebrity tie-ins with actress Eva Longoria and celebrity chef Michael Symon. It’s what brands have done for many years: get the popular ones to make an endorsement, and you’ll bring in more traffic. But the world of brand promotions has advanced with newer technologies. What could have been a tear-off form or write-in contest years ago now has more movement and access than what was previously done. Many brands are using this to their advantage.

Promotions are now able to go across media with social media channels, digital components, and even text options. The Lay's “Do Us a Flavor” campaign is no different. The brand is using traditional media to promote the contest and provide consumers with a website and access sites across the board. But more important is the content Lay's is able to provide customers about the brand. There are insider tips, ingredient ideas, and regional recipes, all of which give the customer more content to support the brand at a time when they are extremely engaged. So it becomes less about the contest and more about the transition from short-term engagement to long-term engagement with Lay's. And if it’s doable to put together this type of a promotion, a brand can surely engage new types of advocates and re-engage those that may have been drifting away. It brings the brand to the forefront, and, if nothing else, invites customers to join along.

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