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If a Cheeseburger Could Talk
By: Janet Kalandranis
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It’s an interesting strategy, one that not many brands take and one that many critics will tear apart. Most brands  actually take an opposite strategy, while this brand, or this product, turns all the rules upside down and just does what feels right. If it’s successful it might work, but in the meantime it’s at least getting a whole lot of attention. And no matter what that’s definitely a brand win.

McDonald’s has been a game-changer in the past and will continue to do so in the future, but this brand was normally thought to pull out all the stops with new products, operational excellence, and a headstrong strategy that in the last 10 years has been mostly positive. Consumers knew what to expect; even with new campaigns, there was a set of consistency that came with McDonald’s. Well, that was until the brand decided to have a cheeseburger talk. Yes, that’s correct, a cheeseburger is now doing all the talking.

Has McDonald’s gone crazy? Has DDB gone crazy? Maybe, yes, but if it’s being talked about then maybe the brand and the agency are on to something. The latest McDonald’s print ad features an image of a cheeseburger on an all-white background with copy. And lots of copy. So much so that it ignores all copy rules. That’s because the cheeseburger is stating its case, forcing you to crave it, understand it, find humor in it, and ultimately bite down on it. The cheeseburger is defending its name. Quite honorable.

Sure, consumers know that there are other options and many times lean towards the healthier side, but the cheeseburger makes a strong point. McDonald’s has reinvigorated a core product, given it some spotlight, and ultimately has had a little fun with its followers. At a time when humor is often overlooked, the cheeseburger talking might just be the answer McDonald’s need to get people listening again.

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