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Building a Better Internal Brand: Part 2
By: Janet Kalandranis
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There’s still more to learn and more to understand about creating that strong, invincible internal brand. It’s an important factor in the overall success of any brand, so it warrants the time and energy to understand. Remember, this internal brand is the first representation to the outside world and any strength, or lack thereof, can be felt by outside customers. So give the internal brand the importance it deserves. Here’s just a taste of what comes from a strong inside brand.

Relationships Just Happen: When transparency is part of the internal culture, there’s a place for relationships to start and to grow. This happens organically. When teammates feel part of a project and encounter a hurdle and then work together to identify a solution, a bond is created. This allows for cross-functional team members to identify strengths of others and understand how each personality is complemented within the group. Think of the strength that team can bring in a current project and in a future ones.

Trust to a New Level: The more transparent a leader and an organization can be, the more trust employees have in the brand. But the real secret is what associates do with this trust. If leaders can be transparent during those tough times, a certain level of respect and trust is gained from those internal brand builders. The highlight comes when these associates begin to promote this trust organically because they align with leadership and are part of the larger goal: success.

It All Leads to Performance: Not just any performance, but higher levels of performance. All of the benefits from a transparent brand leadership build to create more efficient internal brand builders that raise their own level of performance. When associates are part of each step, whether good news or bad, these brand builders are more apt to perform at a higher level to help build success. That is something every brand would be happy to say came from strong and transparent leadership.

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